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Adrishyam (Invisible)


Direction | Achuth Giri and Gokul Binu
Story, Screenplay, Dialogue | Achuth Giri
Cinematography and Colour Correction | Akshay Giri
Music Composing, SFX and Editing | Achuth Giri
Cast | Achuth Giri

A story writer searches for a unique story/idea in his thoughts. Adrishyam is a Sci-Fi Psychological short film, but each shot of this film has an inner philosophical meaning.
The film can be perceived in different ways, especially the climax.


Corti in Cortille (Italian international short film festival) - Best short film official invite - 2015
Kappa TV Shoot an Idea contest - Best short film second runner up - 2015
9th Contact short film festival - Best short film official selection - 2016
Limelight Short Film Festival - Best Film and Best Direction Award - 2015
Illuminati - Best short film - 2016
Dejavu - Best short film - 2016

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