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Asura Music Video

for comment cousins and actor addis antony akkara

Direction| Achuth Giri, Gokul Binu
Cinematography, Colour correction | Akshay Giri
Music | Achuth Giri, Shyam Raveendran
Vocal | Aadith Hari
Editing, Voice over | Achuth Giri
SFX | Mahesh Mohan
Posters: Achuth Giri | Deepak Guru
Production controller: Arjun Krishna S R

Asura, our first music video, portrays the instances in the life of an Asura (evil). Addis Antony Akkara searched for a short film making team in Kerala. He found us and took interest in our works, especially Adrishyam. He asked if we could do a music video together. We agreed. Unlike our other short films on YouTube, this wasn't a low budget work. So Comment Cousins production came in to help us.
After the production phase of Asura, Addis got selected into 'Nayika Nayakan' (A Malayalam TV Reality Show) and became first runner up.
Though Asura is a 4 min music video, it comprises of several scenes and a huge cast and crew. We didn't want to portray a linear story through our music video. We just wanted to create a negative mood with the music and scenes.
Through Asura we wanted to tear down the masks of the evil lurking in our society. As the end voice over in Asura literally translates to,
"The cheer of the blind crowd,
Fueled his raging power,
The masked evil,

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